With An Irresistible Company Culture Attract High Quality Candidates

It is very important to build and maintain a reputation of excellence regarding workplace culture in today’s competitive job market. High quality candidates can be attracted by a great employee brand. It’s a fact that the most successful business knows that brand awareness doesn’t happen by accident but rather companies use commercials and advertisements to boost reputation in order to drive sales, crafting and promoting reputation for being a “great place to work.”

JobMindz.com, First Map-Based Job Search Portal has put together some common and easy to implement strategies to help charm candidates with an irresistible company culture.

Prepare for the Office Visit
It’s widely acknowledged that first impressions are critical in everything from restaurant dining experiences to your dating life.  A great initial take can lead to repeat business and greater satisfaction in retail shopping. Much the same can be said for that critical first office visit by a potential employee.  While a positive initial reaction can lead to converting a candidate into a member of your workforce a negative interaction will send job-seekers running and will likely have them warning off friends and colleagues as well.
Employers should set themselves up for success from day one by having a set of standardized protocols in place for interacting with candidates arriving for their interview.  Simple steps such as ensuring there is someone on hand to greet interviewees, having interviews start promptly, and offering water or other beverages add up for a major impact.  Having company accolades such as “best place to work” awards or other positive images prominently displayed can also help communicate that your company is active in creating a positive workplace.

Manage Employee On boarding and Off-Boarding
Once you’ve made and have had an offer accepted, it isn’t time to rest on your laurels.  Employee retention has as large of an impact on your employer brand as the initial application process.  With this in mind, an initial training and mentoring program is essential to developing a reputation that helps attract future candidates.

A successful employee on boarding program should address the common pain points in any new hire scenario.  Consider the specific job description and critical skills and responsibilities for new employees. Your on boarding process should include a system for education in these areas to help your hires get up and running as quickly as possible.  While we’re handing out advice, don’t forget the universal policies and procedures and benefits guidance. These are often overlooked but are important elements of an employee’s overall satisfaction and stress level when joining a new company.

Act Out Your Brand
Once you’ve established and identified your brand in the hiring, on boarding and off boarding process, maintaining your reputation is critical to avoid undercutting your initial hard work.  Document your procedures internally and regularly communicate key culture and company values to existing employees. Volunteer, team building and other non-work related activities can help employers reinforce their brand to existing team members while also allowing networking and demonstrating to potential future employees that your brand is authentic.  Word of mouth is a great form of advertising, but walking the walk in front of current and potential future candidates can help reinforce your reputation much the same way that advertising does in a retail or sales environment.

Other Takeaways for Building Your Brand
Looking to communicate your employer brand effectively while maintaining the largest reach possible?  After you’ve identified, established, and maintained your brand, it’s time to get to advertise your employer culture for the world to see.  Larger companies will often take out commercial space and employ sophisticated marketing campaigns.

If your advertising budget is substantial, that’s all well and good, but spending millions on promotion isn’t the only way to communicate to potential employees that you’re a great place to work.  Below is a list of ideas, grouped into categories that can be implemented with little to no additional budget and by businesses of all industries and sizes.

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