While Recruiting On YouTube Avoid These 5 Mistakes-JobMindz.com

While Recruiting On YouTube Avoid These 5 Mistakes-JobMindz.com

Using YouTube on a regular basis, be it for personal or professional purpose, you will certainly notice that the platform is being used in a whole range of different ways by its users. You may have also noticed that some of these ways are ineffective.

As recruiters flock to this site to attract passive and active job candidates, it’s increasingly crucial to avoid the kinds of pitfalls that lead to videos going unwatched. In this way, you can set yourself apart from the competition and come closer to winning the war for talent.

 India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal, JobMindz.com talks about few mistakes which you shouldn’t make. Let us have a look at it:

  1. 1. Leaving Out CTAs

First things first. Most video content is fundamentally about one thing: conversions. This means that no matter how high quality your production values are, and no matter how inspiring your message is, your content is not doing its job if it doesn’t lead viewers to take a particular action. This is why CTAs are such an important part of the YouTube landscape. They enable you to direct viewers to whatever web page bests align with your recruitment goals. If your video is recruiting for a particular position, users should be able to click an “Apply Now” link within your video that will take them to a landing page for that particular position. If you’re trying to attract candidates to the top of your funnel, your link should direct them to whatever page within your site signifies conversions. Without this step, your viewers will have to try and find your company on Google (to say nothing of the exact position within the company that interested them), which is more effort than many people will be willing to put in.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Ad Format

One of the most daunting things about YouTube’s ads platform is the sheer variety of different ad formats. We have a more thorough overview of them here, but suffice it to say that which ad format you want will depend on what, precisely, your goals are—which can be a hard thing to figure out without guidance. Thus, if you’re working on a budget to target a very specific demographic for a particular job, you likely wouldn’t want a Bumper Ad (because it’s only six seconds long—not enough time to really entice your viewer to apply) or a PreRoll Ad (because they’re not skippable, meaning that you pay for every view even the viewer pays no attention to your content). Instead, you might use a TrueView ad. Why? Because it’s skippable, meaning that you only pay for the viewers who make it all the way to the end, making it much more likely that you’ll stay within budget while letting your target demographic partially self-select.

  1. Expecting Job Ads to Go Viral

Okay, you might be saying, I’m avoiding all of these mistakes, why aren’t my videos going viral? Unfortunately, that’s just not a realistic expectation for most recruitment-focused content. Sure, you’ll see exceptions to this rule, and it’s worth creating content with the potential to go viral (assuming you don’t sacrifice meaningful employer branding content), but the problem with expecting videos to spread like wildfire across the web is that it obscures the hard work that goes into using YouTube for recruitment. It’s not about making a recruiting video and hoping to win the lottery with it; rather, it’s a matter of continually putting in the effort to get the right piece of content in front of the right audience. This doesn’t have to be a full-time job, but it does require attention—and by acknowledging that you’ll have to work for your ROI, you greatly increase your chances of success.

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