When Is The Right Time To Find New Talent?

When Is The Right Time To Find New Talent?-JobMindz.com
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According to a recent study, 85% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged. So, this is the real scenario of hiring process. Basically, the managers must ask themselves: should we invest in additional training in hopes of improvements, productivity and efficiency, or begin the hiring process to start with fresh talent?

There are many factors that go into deciding whether to invest in training or talent acquisition: an employee’s track record, aptitude, work ethic, etc. To track the performance level of employees and in order to determine whether it’s time to bring in fresh talent, there are many ways. JobMindz.com, India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal gives an idea about some of the ways to overcome such situations:

Keeping Employees Engaged
If managers want to invest more time into training and retaining current employees, a key point of focus is maintaining the engagement of employees in their position and goals. To avoid the disengagement among the team, leaders should ensure employees are working toward attainable short and long-term goals.
Company leadership can be benefited from continuously seeking ways to recognize employees for outstanding work and encourage greater work-life balance.

Understanding the Root of Underperformance
One fact is that an overworked staff can often lead to decreased efficiency, poor morale and overall ineffectiveness. A manager should with check in with the employees to evaluate their stress levels and perception of their workload as it is important. Reviewing customer satisfaction surveys, growth analysis data and other performance reports can also uncover the latent status of current employees. If employees donot continuously pitch new ideas, making an effort to bring in new business or constantly making them better, those employees are basically dragging the business down.

Perfect Timing
It is imperative to know the market and when to start the hiring process. The current low unemployment rate can make hiring quickly and efficiently more difficult than ever, resulting in costly vacancies. Approximately 60% of positions are still vacant after 12 weeks—costing productivity, culture, and affecting overall employee retention. It’s essential for businesses to be preemptive of hiring needs and bring in talent before desperation sets in—leading to suffering from the cost of a bad hire.  Mostly, recruitment firms have the ability to contact current employed professionals also with track records of success who can efficiently make up for the cost of lost productivity. Companies shall always be looking for new talent to fill in the roles and responsibilities of their companies.

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