What Helps In Faster Hiring?-JobMindz.com

What Helps In Faster Hiring?-JobMindz.com
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Don’t you think when you try to change a longstanding way of doing something, it often resist change? It is absolutely, true in recruiting and hiring process. If you speed up the process it can be met with intense resistance. India’s First Map Based Job Search Portal, JobMindz.com talks about this important topic making everyone aware about its importance.

To speed up hiring in your organization follow these steps:

  1. Support people in changing their own mind

In order to convince someone see things differently is hard, sometimes even impossible. Instead, you should allow him or her to do the heavy lifting. What would you need to determine if faster hiring could work for your company? You need to integrate the responses into additional questions until you understand the root of the resistance and what will make it go away.

  1. Suggest a limited approach

A fact is resistance isn’t always about the change itself. At times people want to change but are fearful that it can be overwhelming. But a limited scope can help. You shall start with one role. A short-term test can be a help; bring in outside help to lighten the load. So, basically by working together, you can drive forward a faster hiring process.

  1. Find a different path

Well the truth is, sometimes the path of least resistance is another person. You need to seek an adopter in your organization, someone who’s known for being first in line to implement new ideas. Work together to plan and execute the rollout. Make adjustments as you learn what works and what does not. Once the speedier process is in place and producing positive results, ask your early adopter to share their experience with others. Nothing enrols doubters faster than proof positive.

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