Ways To Engage When Unemployment Is Low-JobMindz.com

Ways To Engage When Unemployment Is Low-JobMindz.com
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What do you mean by low unemployment? It means your sourcing, recruiting and engagement efforts need to be strategic. With more passive candidates in the market, hiring will be rough no matter how you slice it. You could settle for less qualified applicants and struggle to get by without hiring anyone at all or you could follow these four hiring strategies to utilize your employees and recruit more effectively during low unemployment.

JobMindz.com, India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal talks about ways to engage when unemployment is low.

Move Existing Employees First

Internal mobility can be your greatest asset when hiring in a tight market. If you have employees who have been with the company for a number of years, they may be ready to move on to something new. This is especially true if they’ve reaped everything their current position has to offer them. Plus, transitioning them to a new role will help them learn new skills and develop their professional career.

A few takeaways to keep in mind here:

Current employees can best train new employees for the position, even if the “new employee” is just an existing employee being transitioned into a new role.

Current employees already know how the organization and company culture operates

But also keep in mind not everyone is magically fit for a new position just because they performed well at their current one. Just like any screening and selection process, give your internal hiring process the same due diligence you would give new-to-the-company hires.

Write a Good Ad and Loosen Up Credentials

Take a second look at your ads and everywhere they are posted. Ask yourself these questions:

If you were looking for a job, would you apply based on that ad?

When unemployment is low and people have many other job postings to choose from, does yours stand out?

Write an attractive ad copy and turn it into something people would actually want to apply for. This is especially true for ads with credentials that no one has. When HR teams post ads with high credentials, these requirements could come from other departments covering an ideal skill set most people don’t have. Keep your ad copy simple and concise — job posting criteria like this are too complex.

Compensation, Perks, Engagement and Culture

If your company is increasing the compensation to fill a position prior to any interviews, there are many more effective ways to attract quality talent without touching the salary. The salary should fit the range of the position and its duties. Therefore, you should show off other things applicants find attractive.

Flex your benefits like health insurance, dental/vision, retirement, etc. However, if you aren’t listing perks your company culture holds, you should. Company culture can be a huge asset for drawing in candidates. Perks like social work events, a beer fridge, birthday events, growth and volunteer opportunities will help make your job post more attractive and increase the number of applicants you receive.

Nothing attracts employees more than an engaging work culture, but candidates want testimonials of what it’s like to work with your company. Use that. Show off your current employees on your website or redirect links to videos showing what it is like to work there. Since employee engagement increases the rate of employee retention, this can help employees commit to your company for the long-run. Make sure your culture is attractive for applicants to see and apply to.

Your job position should stand out. If it’s not for the position and salary, it’s for the company and culture.

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