Want To Get Placed? Let us have a look how it works

Want to get job
Want To Get Placed? Download Today JobMindz App!! Know How It Works

JobMindz App, India’s First Location Based Job Search App is the perfect location based job search app making the job search easier and faster for the job seekers. 

Let us have a look how it works:

1. Create your profile after registration
You can create your profile by registering with JobMindz.com.

2. Dashboard created
You get a highly configurable dashboard to provide all the required information at just one platform.

3. Map Based Job Search
Availability of an important feature i.e. location based job search can be experienced by job seekers to get jobs in regard to preferred location.

4. Upload your Video Resume
You can upload your video resume to let employers view your profile and get your desired job opportunity.

5. View jobs
Candidates can view jobs based on location, educational qualification, skills and preferences. 

6. Save jobs
An opportunity of saving jobs is given by our app for your future reference.

7. Recommended jobs
After getting a note of your profile and preferences our advanced job search feature recommends you jobs of your choice.

8. Job Alerts & Notifications
Regular alerts in the form of notifications will be provided to you to keep yourself updated about the current job openings and get the perfect job offer.

9. Advanced Smart Job Search
Candidates can smartly and easily drill down to the exact type of jobs they are interested in by simply selecting the filter option. 

10. Social Media Sharing
You can share job ads on the social media platform to allow your friends and concern people view the job opportunities.

A job-seeker can build his career with just one single click and find his dream job with JobMindz.com, Best Map Based Recruitment Portal.

To get more information visit: https://www.jobmindz.com/

Download JobMindz App

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