Texting Helps Recruiters Screen 10 Times The Candidates Daily

Texting Helps Recruiters Screen 10 Times The Candidates Daily-JobMindz.com

We can find that connecting to candidates has become increasingly difficult and relying on traditional recruiting techniques like phone calls and emails to connect with an on-the-go workforce will likely result in losing out on a worthy applicant. Instead, companies are utilizing methods that align with the communication preferences of today’s talent generation and switching to text-based recruiting.

JobMindz.com, India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal tells you few ways in which this new technology that can help recruiters boost candidate response times, connect with more applicants with less hassle and retain candidates or hired employees.

Connect Faster to Higher Volumes of Talent

Recruiters are facing one of the busiest, yet best, times of their careers with a 16-year low unemployment rate and a record-high number of job openings. In this demanding, candidate-driven market, screening the high number of candidates necessary to fill open positions is a big challenge for recruiters.

Streamline Screening

Texting works particularly well in the early screening process when bringing job applicants into the funnel to begin the conversation. It is not meant to completely replace in-person and phone interviews. While those are still great options for second and third round discussions, just like in the online dating world, text can be a great “get-to-know-you” tool.

Engage with New Hires

As a recruiter, being able to reach and connect with candidates during the initial screening process is extremely important. With traditional recruiting methods, it can take days or weeks for recruiters to get through their dreaded email inbox to respond to waiting candidates. If the flow of conversation isn’t consistent, the potential employee could become frustrated and go looking elsewhere.

Different Trades? Text-Recruiting Still Works

Healthcare, technology, and software sales are a few of the most competitive industry types. While they might be different in nature, text-based recruiting has given them a way to stand out to top talent and give recruiters an edge.

Text-based recruiting may seem like uncharted territory for a lot of recruiters and candidates, but the benefits of reaching and engaging top talent are unparalleled. Companies and executives are quickly adapting to using text-based recruiting, just as candidates have adapted to using text messaging in nearly all walks of their lives.

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