Reject A Candidate Without Hurting The Emotions With

Reject A Candidate Without Hurting The Emotions With
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It’s a fact that rejection is part of the recruitment process. At times you will have to turn down more candidates than you hire. When you dismiss candidates it speaks about the volume of your company and its culture. So, surely bad rejection practices can seriously damage your company’s reputation and also affect the employer brand., India’s Map Based Job Search Portal tells you how to reject a candidate as painlessly as possible.

1. Let the candidate know ASAP
Generally many hiring managers wait until the end of the hiring process before they notify unsuccessful candidates. We can see people even wait until their new hire starts working. This is very disrespectful.

Your candidate might be delaying applying for other roles or even turn down offers in the hope of getting job at your company. If you made your mind, let the applicant know about it. Clear them about your decision as soon as possible.

2. Pick up the phone
If you’ve spoken to the candidate on the phone previously, you really should give them a call to let them know that they are not the right person for the job. As email might seem impersonal and cold. Pick up the phone by taking and take a few extra moments out of your day.

3. Be honest
It is not the time to make false promises. If you really are interested in staying in touch with the candidate then finish off your phone call or email with an offer to stay in touch about upcoming roles. If the candidate doesn’t fit in your company then don’t give him false hope and be honest.

4. Ask for feedback
Asking for feedback can be the best way to find out what applicants think about your hiring process. If you ask feedback it will show that you care about their opinion and respect what they have to say.

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