Overused Words That Can Damage Your Resume

Overused Words That Can Damage Your Resume-JobMindz.com
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In the resume words and their meanings play a vital role and in order to get a competitive advantage you need to pay close attention to your word choices. JobMindz.com, First Map-Based Job Search Portal gives you a list of some terms and some creative alternatives which you can implement in your resume.


It’s a known fact that every job seeker is accomplished, or else you would have been certainly fired from every job you’ve ever if you’d never accomplished anything. You can instead try Peak Performer.

Results Driven:

Everyone knows that professional resume starts with Results Driven. The only fact is that in the job search process you won’t want to sound like everyone else; you would want to stand out from the crowd. You can instead write Top-notch, top-flight and performance driven.


This can be considered as another overused phrase. You will definitely, want to communicate how successful you have been so that a new employer will have a good impression. We can look at some alternative wording versus and saying, I’m a success. You can indeed write top-performing, best-in-class and award winning.

Skilled or skilful:

Isn’t this boring? Resumes holding such words look very boring and dull. I can only say that these dull words can be changed creatively if you think of trying. But if you can’t think of anything, you can surely try my recommendations. So, try words like resourceful, talented sharp and progressive.

Problem solver:

Well again it’s a known fact that if you are human, you are a problem solver as it is a part of human nature. But it really doesn’t need to be stated on your resume. Instead of it, you can try words like dynamic, high potential, high impact and quality driven.

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