Is Ethical Interview Practice Crucial For Your Business?


Is Ethical Interview Practice Crucial For Your Business?
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Within the workplace maintaining high ethical standards is crucial for the success of a company and it basically starts from the time a candidate walks into the interview room. Your business reputation can severely damaged by any unethical treatment of workers. The public is becoming ever more aware of what unethical practices in business look like. As such, it is not shy to blow the whistle on perceived unacceptable behavior.

In this article of, India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal we’ll look at ways your business can address the issue. While working with recruitment consultants will help you start with a highly-suitable candidate list, it’s then up to you to ensure you hire the right person for the correct reason.

Do you keep up with the latest discrimination regulations?
Negative press is just one consequence of not following ethical interview practices; there may be legal penalties if your company is not across the latest rules and regulations surrounding the treatment of your employees.
There are clear government guidelines around discrimination in the workplace that apply from the interview process onwards. A fundamental tenet of ethical interviewing is to ensure that you comply with these regulations.

What is indirect discrimination during interviews?
Direct discrimination is an obvious pitfall to avoid. Hiring a qualified candidate based on their religion, skin color or nationality is illegal and unethical. Indirect discrimination typically applies when a blanket rule is implemented that unfairly disadvantages those with one or more protected characteristic.

What about unconscious bias?
Unconscious bias is a phenomenon where people tend to gravitate to others with similar characteristics and backgrounds. This can include characteristics such as accent, age, and appearance, right down to insignificant details such as personal style and interests.
At its most severe, unconscious bias could unintentionally present the same problem as direct discrimination. It could land your company in hot water through a discrimination case.

Protect your business today
In the current climate a reputation as an ethical employer is an accolade that cannot be undervalued. You will be able to attract the best talent in addition to boosting your company’s reputation.

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