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We can see that writing your first resume or even updating an old one possibly feels like a difficult task which might take hours or even few days. You get a lot of advice about writing resumes regarding different templates, things to write, things not to write, etc. It is seen then generally, we’re spoilt for online choices. But have you observed it rather creates more confusion in writing a good quality resume.

This is the reason why, India’s First Map Based Job Search Portal is availing you with the basics of writing an attractive and high quality resume. It is up to you what unique design or format you want to use but here is what you should always describe in your resume:

A Good Headline is a MUST

Your resume’s headline should consist your name and your current job title. Your contact details and your nationality/citizenships should be written below your name. It is necessary to link your LinkedIn profile if you’re sending a digital copy of your resume.

Contact Details

Your contact details must be given below the headline so recruiters can contact you easily. Remember to update your resume as you might change your email address or phone number. This is something which usually candidates tend to forget. But you need to be very careful and aware of it.


The summary can be considered as the only full sentence section. Giving some context to your resume, it sums up who you are. You shouldn’t sound too generic as if a recruiter reads the same opening statements from numerous candidates, you might get lost in the mix.

Qualifications on a Resume

It is one of the most important sections of your resume as recruiters will often look over it before reading the rest of your resume. They make sure that you hold the necessary requirements for the job. Your qualifications should be bulleted and formatted concisely to make it easy to read.


You must include all your relevant experience listing each position separately, either bulleted or with bold headlines. Include the job title, company name and your dates of employment at the top. If you have any large career gaps then give convenient reasons in order to avoid negative remarks. For example, if you have few jobs which are not relevant, include them by highlighting transferable skills.

Key Skills Section on a Resume

You need to focus on transferable skills. But if you lack behind in skills gained from professional experience, you can use other strengths you gained through volunteering, personal projects and coursework at university. Also you can prove your time management and planning skills if you volunteered to organise a fundraising event.

So, you need to be very specific with the above guidelines given by, Map Based Job Search Portal in order to impress recruiters helping you to grab your desirable job.

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