How To Say ‘No’ To A Job Offer

Are you looking for a good job offer? What if you get two amazing job opportunities at just one time? You will certainly have to choose one and decline the other. It can be tough at times as you might feel like damaging your reputation. But you can say ‘No’ in a polite and professional manner showing appreciation from your end for the opportunity., India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal guides you in decline a job offering in the most professional way:

  1. Showing your appreciation

You are supposed to express your gratitude for being offered the job role even before giving an answer to the concern person at the company. As after completing several rounds you have earned your position and they have put time and resources in determining you to handle the company’s role and responsibilities. It will be a good way to express your goodwill and friendliness to the company.

  1. You need to be timely

 Your responsibility is to send your response to the company at the earliest. It will be a good gesture to show your respect to the person who has been communicating from the company.  After you express your decision about the offer to the company it will extend the offer to another candidate as soon as possible.

  1. Vague Reasoning

Well it’s not mandatory that you need to give them an excuse about declining the job offer but by refusing so can make you seem deceitful. As a known fact, rejecting a job opportunity can be considered as breaking up with the company. If you provide a simple explanation stating that you have made your mind to go in a different career direction which do not matches with the company’s culture can be very helpful.

  1. Offer to keep in touch

If you extend an offer to keep in touch with the company’s contacts, it will ensure that you have ended things on a good note. It is a good thing to grow your network with people believing in your work and considering you as qualified, basically a good fit for the industry. Such connections might also benefit you and your career.

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