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When you receive a job offer that will surely excite you as it is very important for your career. But you should be calm and make the right decision for your career., First Location Based Job Search Portal is here to give you few tips in order to grab the best job offer.

First and foremost don’t get impulsive and make a rash decision. Take your time. Be confident enough to ask for some time to think it over from recruiters. It is always advisable to trust your instincts as you will be the one who will do the job.

Here are the basic tips:

Don’t jump at the first offer

If you are capable enough to get involved in the process for two roles, don’t get impulsive and jump at the first offer. You need to manage things so that you can take each process to the natural conclusion. With tact, diplomacy and patience you can successfully do it.

Comparing and contrasting job offers than decide

It is preferable to compare, contrast and ultimately decide to be in the better job position. Receiving a counter offer from your current employer or a second application, you shouldn’t get confused. You might know but it might be a tempting strategy. Both the offers can be withdrawn if handled badly.

Dealing with one job offer

If you are already holding a job and looking for a better opportunity make sure you have reasons which are valid, reasonable and justifiable. You will have to be sure of everything as it can be a very delicate state which will have a huge impact in your entire career. So, you need to handle things very carefully.

Receiving a counter offer

Receiving a counter offer from your existing employer can make you accept it, but make sure this decision isn’t based solely on the fear of the unknown. You should remind yourself why you started looking for a move in the first place. As we can see that it is not uncommon for candidates who have accepted counter offers to return to the market within a matter of months.

India’s First Map Based Job Search Portal, advices that recognising your own skills, abilities, motivations, taking time to come to a conclusion and also doing due diligence on your potential new employer will make you take the perfect decision for your career.

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