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One of the key recruiting and hiring metrics is time-to-hire. Time to fill metric measures how fast a company can find and hire the perfect candidate. India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal, JobMindz.com shows you 5 ways to reduce your time to fill, improve your candidate experience and hire top talent for less money!

  1. Start using a recruitment software

One of the best ways to reduce your time-to-hire is to use modern recruitment software. Modern recruitment software has many benefits, and one of the key ones is reducing time to fill.

  1. Track and measure

You need to track and measure your hiring process to find bottlenecks and resolve them. You can automatically track and measure your time to fill with the modern recruitment software.

  1. Automate your communication with candidates

You should automate your communication with candidates in order to save time. The latest technological solutions such as recruitment chat bots and modern recruitment software shall be used. Modern recruitment software has ready-to-use recruiting email templates you can personalize and send in bulk.

  1. Automate interview scheduling

You can send automated emails with an interview appointment that automatically sync with your work calendar with modern recruitment software. You’ll save your valuable time going back and forth to arrange a suitable time slot for all your candidates.

  1. Automate resume parsing and screening

After a candidate applies for a position, modern recruitment software will parse and screen their resumes and create their rich profiles in the system automatically. In this way you’ll be able to save time as you don’t need to go through all received applications and organize them in order to find the perfect candidates.

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