Here Are The Benefits Of Phone Screening Interviews

Phone screening interviews

Do you conduct phone screening interviews for job-seekers? Can it be a way to improve the recruitment process? Well Yes! It can significantly help in the recruitment process and also help you find quality candidates better and faster., Best Map Based Recruitment Portal discusses the top 6 benefits of phone screening interviews:
Shorter time to hire
In the early phase of the interview process recruiters can save time and money by conducting phone screening interviews.

Lowering  cost per hire
Recruiters can cut down on the recruiting costs by reducing the applicant pool early in the selection process.

Improving the quality of hire
This method can be helpful for the employers in eliminating the candidates not desirable for the respective roles and responsibilities in organizations.

To test candidate’s phone communication skills
It can be considered as important for the recruiting process as a recruiter can test a candidate’s communication skills over phone which is highly necessary in the corporate world.

It reduces bias
This phone screening interview process reduces the impact of first impressions, improving the hiring process and also minimizing bias in recruitment.

Improves candidate experience
It can be a fair chance given to an employee with proper time and attention leading to an improved candidate experience.

So, these are the few benefits of phone screening interviews shared by, India’s First Map Based Job Search Portal for recruiters which help them to make the recruitment procedure simple yet effective. Through this interview process the hiring managers can find good quality candidates who will be a good fit for the roles and responsibilities of their organizations.

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