Do’s And Don’ts Of Job Description

Do’s And Don’ts Of Job Description By
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How effective job descriptions can be in the recruitment process?, India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal guides you stating the do’s and don’ts of job description. Here are few points to discuss:

Do’s of Job Description

  1. Include competencies

Consistency can be ensured by competencies and also all that required skills and behaviours can be effectively measured in potential employees.

  1. Highlight the ‘must have’ components early

You can start with the most important information such as mandatory education, certifications and skills to quickly interest candidates.

  1. Describe the benefits of your company including its culture, environment and history

Some people aren’t looking for a paycheque, rather they are willing to work for an organization which aligns with their ideals, offers some perks and ultimately provides a fun working environment.

  1. List essential responsibilities and tasks using present tense action verbs

You should avoid action verbs and use precise language to provide candidates with the most accurate requirements in a job description.

Don’ts of Job Description

  1. Include goals

You shouldn’t mention the goals as it changes throughout the year and also depend on operational priorities.

  1. Be unrealistic

You are likely to hire an overqualified candidate who might not remain in your organization by overstating or by listing unreasonable job expectations.

  1. Embellish company culture and the role

If your company has a hard working culture, you need to be honest about it in order to weed out potentially less driven candidates at inception.

  1. Use wasteful descriptions

For many jobs requiring someone to be great communication or team player is very important. Don’t waste language in your job description; evaluate behavioural attributes during the interview stage by using behavioural competencies.

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