Did You Know That The Best Recruiters Have High Emotional Intelligence?-JobMindz

Did You Know That The Best Recruiters Have High Emotional Intelligence?-JobMindz

        “Attitude is everything” is a phrase that many people hear on occasion throughout their lifetime. Now, there’s evidence to prove how important a positive attitude actually is—especially if recruiting is your chosen profession. Well Emotional Intelligence is a variable that has been shown to positively affect retention rates across industries. JobMindz.com is here to discuss about the significance of Emotional Intelligence in the entire recruitment process. So, basically through a research we have found that companies whose staff displayed higher levels of emotional intelligence, or EQ had 63% less turnover than companies with lower scores. Also, importantly we have seen that salespeople who displayed high levels of EQ outperformed their colleagues by as much as 50%.

The fact is EQ is the measurement of how one perceives, evaluates and controls emotions. While it is a known fact that high emotional intelligence is beneficial in all fields, it is especially important in recruitment due to the fundamental emphasis on trust and communication. It can be seen that successful recruiters use emotional intelligence throughout all phases of their work like introducing candidates to new opportunities, understanding their potential motivating factors, listening to concerns, etc. everything they do involves people and emotions.

Here are 5 basic tips that recruiters should consider throughout their day-to-day interactions:

  1. Self-Awareness: It can be seen that the recruiters who are self-aware tend to recognize their own strength and weaknesses and under any circumstances under which they work. Self-awareness can be termed as also understanding how their moods, emotions, and drives affecting other people.
  2. Self-Regulation: Things like acting on self-awareness and knowing how to control or redirect impulses can be termed as self-regulation. Self-regulation has shown to be a critical factor in successful collaboration in the workplace.
  3. Motivation: It is very important that recruiters should be highly self-motivated and highly organized. The motivation to take control of the set schedule and maximize the efficiency to increase output is needed in recruiters. Even after failure, the important part of recruiting industry is continually leveraging it.
  4. Empathy: The ability to understand the emotional makeup of other people can be termed as empathy. Being empathetic doesn’t only apply to feelings of sadness, guilt, doubt. It’s about bringing a personal level of understanding to a professional relationship.
  5. People Skills: Well being a “people person” is more than having the ability to listen and act as it requires building trust through ongoing communication and also finding common ground to build rapport.

Generally recruiters identify with these traits to some degree but the ones who strive for complete mastery will work with their complete potential. In order to follow the above discussed tips one will require constant attention, and results may not be immediately noticeable. But it helps in overall recruitment process. Especially for recruitment firms these traits as a focus should result in a decrease in turnover rate and an increase in successful placements. Hope this article presented by JobMindz.com will be helpful for the recruiters and they can hire quality candidates and sustain them to successfully work for their organizations.

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