Common Mistakes Made In The Hiring Process

You might think hiring process is quite easy but in fact it is not easy as it looks. Getting the perfect employees for your organization is a difficult task. Basically, hiring needs to be done diligently in a most cost-effective and time-saving way. Hiring the wrong person onboard can have a dreadful effect on your company.
Best Map Based Recruitment Portal, have listed out the 5 common hiring mistakes which employers usually make. One needs to keep in mind these points while conducting the hiring process.

1. Resumes are not 100% true
The best picture of a candidate can be created through a resume. Presuming the details are highly accurate in a resume alone provides little to no insight into whether the individual will be a good fit for the position or not. In most cases, information given in the resumes are not completely true or highly exaggerated. Relying on it completely is a wrong way of deciding on a candidate.

2. Conducting thorough background checks
It is impossible to know whether the candidate has given the right and complete details or not without conducting a background check. To know if he / she had any trouble in the past associated with the previous job that may affect your company, one needs to conduct a thorough background check.

3. Considering kin and kith
It’s quite natural to consider your family and friends when you are in the position to hire people. But it might turn out to be a mistake. If the person is unable to meet the requirements of the position, hiring him or her for the job is guaranteed to create a ruckus.

4. Being Biased
You should avoid hiring a candidate based on your likeability. It would be  unfair from the company’s perspective.

5. Clearly-defined hiring process
Without having a clearly-defined hiring process in place, many employers hire candidates. They look through resumes, conduct GDs, interviews, and extend offers in a haphazard manner. Doing so leads to lot of problems. Formal hiring process lessens the likelihood that you’ll hire the wrong people.
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