While Recruiting On YouTube Avoid These 5 Mistakes-JobMindz.com

While Recruiting On YouTube Avoid These 5 Mistakes-JobMindz.com

Using YouTube on a regular basis, be it for personal or professional purpose, you will certainly notice that the platform is being used in a whole range of different ways by its users. You may have also noticed that some of these ways are ineffective.

As recruiters flock to this site to attract passive and active job candidates, it’s increasingly crucial to avoid the kinds of pitfalls that lead to videos going unwatched. In this way, you can set yourself apart from the competition and come closer to winning the war for talent.

 India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal, JobMindz.com talks about few mistakes which you shouldn’t make. Let us have a look at it:

  1. 1. Leaving Out CTAs

First things first. Most video content is fundamentally about one thing: conversions. This means that no matter how high quality your production values are, and no matter how inspiring your message is, your content is not doing its job if it doesn’t lead viewers to take a particular action. This is why CTAs are such an important part of the YouTube landscape. They enable you to direct viewers to whatever web page bests align with your recruitment goals. If your video is recruiting for a particular position, users should be able to click an “Apply Now” link within your video that will take them to a landing page for that particular position. If you’re trying to attract candidates to the top of your funnel, your link should direct them to whatever page within your site signifies conversions. Without this step, your viewers will have to try and find your company on Google (to say nothing of the exact position within the company that interested them), which is more effort than many people will be willing to put in.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Ad Format

One of the most daunting things about YouTube’s ads platform is the sheer variety of different ad formats. We have a more thorough overview of them here, but suffice it to say that which ad format you want will depend on what, precisely, your goals are—which can be a hard thing to figure out without guidance. Thus, if you’re working on a budget to target a very specific demographic for a particular job, you likely wouldn’t want a Bumper Ad (because it’s only six seconds long—not enough time to really entice your viewer to apply) or a PreRoll Ad (because they’re not skippable, meaning that you pay for every view even the viewer pays no attention to your content). Instead, you might use a TrueView ad. Why? Because it’s skippable, meaning that you only pay for the viewers who make it all the way to the end, making it much more likely that you’ll stay within budget while letting your target demographic partially self-select.

  1. Expecting Job Ads to Go Viral

Okay, you might be saying, I’m avoiding all of these mistakes, why aren’t my videos going viral? Unfortunately, that’s just not a realistic expectation for most recruitment-focused content. Sure, you’ll see exceptions to this rule, and it’s worth creating content with the potential to go viral (assuming you don’t sacrifice meaningful employer branding content), but the problem with expecting videos to spread like wildfire across the web is that it obscures the hard work that goes into using YouTube for recruitment. It’s not about making a recruiting video and hoping to win the lottery with it; rather, it’s a matter of continually putting in the effort to get the right piece of content in front of the right audience. This doesn’t have to be a full-time job, but it does require attention—and by acknowledging that you’ll have to work for your ROI, you greatly increase your chances of success.

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Texting Helps Recruiters Screen 10 Times The Candidates Daily

Texting Helps Recruiters Screen 10 Times The Candidates Daily-JobMindz.com

We can find that connecting to candidates has become increasingly difficult and relying on traditional recruiting techniques like phone calls and emails to connect with an on-the-go workforce will likely result in losing out on a worthy applicant. Instead, companies are utilizing methods that align with the communication preferences of today’s talent generation and switching to text-based recruiting.

JobMindz.com, India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal tells you few ways in which this new technology that can help recruiters boost candidate response times, connect with more applicants with less hassle and retain candidates or hired employees.

Connect Faster to Higher Volumes of Talent

Recruiters are facing one of the busiest, yet best, times of their careers with a 16-year low unemployment rate and a record-high number of job openings. In this demanding, candidate-driven market, screening the high number of candidates necessary to fill open positions is a big challenge for recruiters.

Streamline Screening

Texting works particularly well in the early screening process when bringing job applicants into the funnel to begin the conversation. It is not meant to completely replace in-person and phone interviews. While those are still great options for second and third round discussions, just like in the online dating world, text can be a great “get-to-know-you” tool.

Engage with New Hires

As a recruiter, being able to reach and connect with candidates during the initial screening process is extremely important. With traditional recruiting methods, it can take days or weeks for recruiters to get through their dreaded email inbox to respond to waiting candidates. If the flow of conversation isn’t consistent, the potential employee could become frustrated and go looking elsewhere.

Different Trades? Text-Recruiting Still Works

Healthcare, technology, and software sales are a few of the most competitive industry types. While they might be different in nature, text-based recruiting has given them a way to stand out to top talent and give recruiters an edge.

Text-based recruiting may seem like uncharted territory for a lot of recruiters and candidates, but the benefits of reaching and engaging top talent are unparalleled. Companies and executives are quickly adapting to using text-based recruiting, just as candidates have adapted to using text messaging in nearly all walks of their lives.

For more information visit: www.jobmindz.com or give a missed call to 080-68180777.

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What Helps In Faster Hiring?-JobMindz.com

What Helps In Faster Hiring?-JobMindz.com
India’s First Location Based Job Search portal

Don’t you think when you try to change a longstanding way of doing something, it often resist change? It is absolutely, true in recruiting and hiring process. If you speed up the process it can be met with intense resistance. India’s First Map Based Job Search Portal, JobMindz.com talks about this important topic making everyone aware about its importance.

To speed up hiring in your organization follow these steps:

  1. Support people in changing their own mind

In order to convince someone see things differently is hard, sometimes even impossible. Instead, you should allow him or her to do the heavy lifting. What would you need to determine if faster hiring could work for your company? You need to integrate the responses into additional questions until you understand the root of the resistance and what will make it go away.

  1. Suggest a limited approach

A fact is resistance isn’t always about the change itself. At times people want to change but are fearful that it can be overwhelming. But a limited scope can help. You shall start with one role. A short-term test can be a help; bring in outside help to lighten the load. So, basically by working together, you can drive forward a faster hiring process.

  1. Find a different path

Well the truth is, sometimes the path of least resistance is another person. You need to seek an adopter in your organization, someone who’s known for being first in line to implement new ideas. Work together to plan and execute the rollout. Make adjustments as you learn what works and what does not. Once the speedier process is in place and producing positive results, ask your early adopter to share their experience with others. Nothing enrols doubters faster than proof positive.

For more information visit: www.jobmindz.com or give a missed call to 080-68180777.

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Is Ethical Interview Practice Crucial For Your Business?


Is Ethical Interview Practice Crucial For Your Business?-JobMindz.com
India’s First Location Based  Job Search Portal-JobMindz.com
Within the workplace maintaining high ethical standards is crucial for the success of a company and it basically starts from the time a candidate walks into the interview room. Your business reputation can severely damaged by any unethical treatment of workers. The public is becoming ever more aware of what unethical practices in business look like. As such, it is not shy to blow the whistle on perceived unacceptable behavior.

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Benefits Of Diversity In The Workplace With JobMindz.com

Benefits Of Diversity In The Workplace With JobMindz.com
India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal

What do you mean by diversity? Factors like age, gender, race, cultural background, etc are the first thing that comes to someone’s mind. But how about diversity at work? There is far more to create a diverse workplace than just simply hiring people who fits into different age brackets or even create the perfect male to female ratio.

We no doubt share things in common with other individuals, at the end of the day; everyone is a different person on their own and can bring a different thing that is the reason why diversity is so important among a team. A range of perspectives and ideas can be created by hiring people with different personalities at various stages of their career.

JobMindz.com, India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal few of the top benefits in the workplace.

  1. Talents, skills and experiences

From diverse backgrounds individuals can be offered a selection of different talents, skills and experiences which may beneficial for the organization and their work performance. Variety of skills and experiences among the team means that employees can learn from each other.

  1.  It creates innovation

When you work with people of different backgrounds, experiences and working styles, creative concepts can be born out from each other offering feedback and suggestions. It is also essential to play on each individual’s strengths and collaborate with others in the team.

  1. It grows your talent pool

It will attract a wide range of candidates to their vacancies as it will be viewed as more progressive organization and will appeal to individuals from all walks of life. As people want to work in an environment that are accepting of all backgrounds and promote equality, it can also help with employee retention.

  1. Improves employee performance

Generally employees feel more comfortable and happy in an environment where inclusivity is a priority. For encouraging workers from all backgrounds to feel confident in their ability and achieve their best, equality in the workplace is important.

For more information visit: www.jobmindz.com or give a missed call to 080-68180777.

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Follow These 4 Tips To Work With Recruiters Effectively

Don’t you think it is important to effectively work with recruiters to become more comfortable and familiar with the process? JobMindz.com, India’s Map Based Job Search Portal gives you few tips to keep in mind while working with a recruiter.

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Hire Top Talent For Less Money

Hire Top Talent For Less Money-JobMindz.com
India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal

One of the key recruiting and hiring metrics is time-to-hire. Time to fill metric measures how fast a company can find and hire the perfect candidate. India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal, JobMindz.com shows you 5 ways to reduce your time to fill, improve your candidate experience and hire top talent for less money!

  1. Start using a recruitment software

One of the best ways to reduce your time-to-hire is to use modern recruitment software. Modern recruitment software has many benefits, and one of the key ones is reducing time to fill.

  1. Track and measure

You need to track and measure your hiring process to find bottlenecks and resolve them. You can automatically track and measure your time to fill with the modern recruitment software.

  1. Automate your communication with candidates

You should automate your communication with candidates in order to save time. The latest technological solutions such as recruitment chat bots and modern recruitment software shall be used. Modern recruitment software has ready-to-use recruiting email templates you can personalize and send in bulk.

  1. Automate interview scheduling

You can send automated emails with an interview appointment that automatically sync with your work calendar with modern recruitment software. You’ll save your valuable time going back and forth to arrange a suitable time slot for all your candidates.

  1. Automate resume parsing and screening

After a candidate applies for a position, modern recruitment software will parse and screen their resumes and create their rich profiles in the system automatically. In this way you’ll be able to save time as you don’t need to go through all received applications and organize them in order to find the perfect candidates.

To know more visit: www.jobmindz.com


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Benefits Of Remote Working By JobMindz.com

Best benefits of remote working with jobmindz

Have you witnessed that remote working among the employed is the fastest growing employment sector. Today we find that companies are realizing the benefits of letting their staff work from home and recruiting around the globe. Do you want to know why they are making that choice?

JobMindz.com, Indias First Loaction Based Job Search Portal presents you five benefits of remote working:

  1. Talent

You can find the right person within commuting distance from your offices based on regular recruiting. Failing that you need to choose from a pool of candidates who are willing to move for the role. But when you hire remotely, your talent pool becomes the entire world.

  1. Productivity

A study says that remote workers are more productive. Remote staff is seen happier and healthier as they have a better life-work balance. Staffs who work from home tend to be more self-reliant as a result when they’re faced with a problem they find a workaround quickly.

  1. Retention

Generally working from home is seen as a huge bonus for employees. If you get a role that let you work from home full or part-time, then they’re less likely to look for some other option. You’re less likely to lose a remote worker, especially if your competition doesn’t let staff work from home.

  1. Cost-Savings

In number of ways hiring remotely saves a recruiter’s money. You’re less likely to need to pay to replace remote staff. But when your candidate pool is the globe, you can hire from countries where the salary costs are lower.

  1. Diversity

When you hire remotely, you tend to get more diverse staff. You actually give yourself access to people who need to work from home due to certain circumstances. It is always good to have a diverse staff as it is good for business.

Basically there are many reasons to hire remotely. But again remote hiring isn’t for everyone, if you like to micromanage your staff then you won’t enjoy the experience.

To know more visit: www.jobmindz.com

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