Follow These Recruitment Strategies To Bring Success This 2019

Follow These Recruitment Strategies To Bring Success This 2019
Follow These Recruitment Strategies To Bring Success This 2019
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You may look to bring on talented top skills staff in your organization. In today’s highly competitive job market, in order to attract and retain top talent you’ll want to be especially mindful of whether or not you’re providing a positive candidate experience. It not only creates excitement in appointing perfect candidates but it can also result in stronger applicants, an increase in hires, and new referrals.

Therefore, t becomes clear how much the hiring process matters in providing a great first impression to new hires. The employers, who want to gain an edge on their competition, consider these recruitment strategies to transform your candidate experience in 2019:, India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal presents some recruitment strategies in order to bring success in the hiring process:

Portray a strong employer brand

According to a survey that took place recently, 59% of job seekers spend 30+ minutes researching a company throughout the hiring process. Every candidate has a strong impression of your organization through websites, social media, press, and employee review sites before they walk in the door.

Therefore, it is critical that employers utilize these online platforms to reach out to those candidates looking for the right fit. A job-seeker should be able to determine who you are, what you do, and why you’re a great place to work when he/she looks at your company online.

Be flexible in your requirements

While you hold out for a candidate with the perfect combination of skills and experience, the chances of finding them in the current market are slim. You are required to consider your requirements for the job carefully and think about where you might be willing to compromise.

It is important to understand where you should make these compromises as a recruitment strategy. Looking for candidates who have the potential to grow into the role can be an excellent investment in terms of a general rule. If you find someone who can learn quickly and think critically, training them to learn the technical skills not only pays off, but it also builds loyalty.

Promote the company culture

We get to see that today’s candidates are looking for an employer who offers them purpose, aligns with their values, and supports their employees both personally and professionally. As a result it is important that organizations must be sure that they clearly communicate these aspects of their culture clearly to every candidate. Not only candidate should walk away with a clear understanding of the culture, but they should feel that everyone at the company is aligned with the culture and excited to talk about it.

Make faster, more competitive offers

A recent study says 55% of professionals were interviewing for 2+ other roles while they were interviewing for their current position. When candidates get such options, they are likely still making their decision down to the very last minute. It is very important that the employers must realize that recruitment strategies don’t stop once you find a candidate—this continues through the offer and negotiation processes as well.

Speeding up the offer process in companies is not enough but they are also making the mistake of not putting their best offer out first. If a candidate does not receive the best offer first, it does more than simply draw out the negotiation process; it also lets the candidate know that you undervalued their experience. In the final hour of the process, you need to be sure that you do everything possible to get your top candidate to accept your offer before they go to your competition.

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Encourage More Efficient Hiring Team Communication With These Tips

Encourage More Efficient Hiring Team Communication With These Tips
Encourage More Efficient Hiring Team Communication With These Tips
India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal –

A strong line of communication is needed between all those who are involved in the hiring process in order to attract top talent and hire for their companies. Absence of a strong collaboration and common ground between recruiters and hiring managers will lead to failure and result in a defeated recruitment process., India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal gives you some tips to bridge the communication gaps and build a stronger and more efficient hiring team ensuring a successful recruiting process.

Transition to a Collaborative Hiring Process

Generally the manager of the department is the only one in charge of hiring and recruiting but recently it has changed. We can see the hiring process is transitioning to more of a collaborative approach. Basically collaborative hiring is when both HR teams and teams from other departments work together to find and hire A Players. Recruiting and hiring is a team sport and involves a collaborative effort from many members of your team.

Transitioning into a collaborative hiring process will benefit your team in various ways. It can result in improvement of your hiring process and the results by involving more people in the process and gaining more perspectives and different viewpoints. If you allow your employees to voice their opinions, it will make them feel valued and will result in improved employee engagement. You’re creating a more open and collaborative company culture by implementing a team-based hiring process. The candidate experience can be improved by displaying a collaborative company culture to potential employees.

Have Patience

It is important to understand how important patience in recruiting is and how it will affect candidates in the long run if it’s not done efficiently and with full efforts from the team. If you have patience it will ensure that your company won’t have to repeat any steps, slow down the process and risk losing out on top candidates.

Patience and adequate amount of time is needed in the first point of contact between the recruiters and hiring managers. It is needed by the recruiters to use this as their time to set expectations and fully comprehend the needs and demands of the job. The hiring manager is required to approach this as a very essential task and not overlook the importance it has on their job.

A team needs to take this time to sit down to discuss the position skills and qualities that are an absolute must and those that are not. It’s also important to understand what type of person will excel in the position you’re hiring for.

Get on the Same Page

Every industry will have its own language or lingo. As recruitment is a recruiter’s life, so it’s easy for them to get lost in the jargon of the industry. In order to improve the process and attract the best candidates, recruiters and hiring managers need to understand the industry they are recruiting for and get on the same page through good communication.

Your company is likely to lose out on top talent candidates if the communication between your hiring team isn’t managed effectively. Therefore, collaborative hiring is a must and will make a difference in your company. If you reach an agreement on how to communicate between teams, what lingo to use and having patience while doing so will create a smooth and seamless recruitment process and will be a win for your company in the end.

Therefore, if you follow these tips, it can uncover the answers needed for a more efficient hiring process and achieve the results your company has been striving for.

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As A Recruiter You Can Encourage Your Career Progression

As A Recruiter You Can Encourage Your Career Progression
As A Recruiter You Can Encourage Your Career Progression
India’s First Location Based Job Seach

One of the most popular questions we get to hear from candidates is ‘are there career progression opportunities?’ We know why- everyone says that progression is one of their top priorities. So, basically businesses that lack clear development paths are at risk of losing talent to their competitors. Therefore, recruiters should educate clients on the importance of framing a culture comprising development and learning., India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal shows ways to do so.

Re-work job specs

The job spec is the first interaction a candidate will have with the company, so it’s important to make the career progression opportunities clear on this. Discuss with your client where this role could lead to in the business and make sure to mention any potential pathways in any job advertisements. If there is scope for on-the-job training or qualifications (for example, a CIPD for an HR position), it’s essential to make this clear. Remaining transparent about where a candidate could go encourages buy-in and will attract a wider applicant pool.

Emphasize projects

To develop skills in a particular area, projects are a great way for employees. This also gives them a scope to look beyond their job spec, liaise with colleagues they normally wouldn’t and perhaps, engage a passion that they otherwise couldn’t. Being a recruiter, it’s your responsibility to advice on the best way to integrate it into a role. Let us look into an example, a start-up might know they require admin support but aren’t sure what that looks like. In such situation you can suggest a PA with scope for HR or office management projects.

Don’t be afraid of jumpy CVs

Millennial can be seen showing the desire for career progression and as a result they are doing it quickly, in fact more than any previous generation. They can be seen being proactive and always looking for the next challenge, asking you ‘what is the next step, what I can do now? It’s very important to educate clients by the recruiters so that they can carry things being very enthusiastic. Recruiters also should educate the clients on jumpy CVs in most cases; a candidate changes role every 18 months isn’t a negative reflection on their professional experience, but demonstrative of their rate of learning.

Thinking outside the box

Career progression cannot be considered as a promotion. If a client can be seen struggling to hold onto a good talent, why not collaborate with them to see if there are other ways to encourage engagement? This also includes opportunities to join committees, organize social events or participate in training programmes.

If recruiters and clients collaborate through wider workplace practice, their relationships can be developed and also value can be provided.

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Planning To Recruit A Developer For A Non-IT Company?

Planning To Recruit A Developer For A Non-IT Company?
Planning To Recruit A Developer For A Non-IT Company?
India’s First Location Based Job Seach

It’s a known fact that IT specialists prefer to be employed by an IT company. But in today’s world every company is sourcing for quality IT candidates, especially in the e-commerce sector. Well it is not mutual unfortunately as developers can be seen running away when you mention “commerce”. There is still a way to find and hire IT specialists for a Non-IT field.

India’s First Map Based Job Search Portal, through this article discusses about this important topic. Unfortunately, an IT candidate might be less interested in a vacancy in a non-tech company.  There is a line of candidates for every other vacancy, but serious efforts have to be made to find a great developer and make them want to work for a small online store. It’s difficult to find a good IT specialist and easy to lose one. When we just started headhunting, the perfect candidates either left in the middle of the job interview or didn’t show up at all. So we changed a lot in our strategy, made real progress in IT hiring process and now we are glad to share our experience.

Let professionals hire professionals

It would be a huge mistake to make a random recruiting specialist, who is in charge of closing all vacancies, to recruit IT personnel. Hiring a good developer requires special skills. It is better to find a recruiter who specializes in IT sector. Look, if your company has German partners, you will hire several German-speaking employees, right? Well, same here.

If you are in constant search of web developers, then you’d better assign a separate person to this process. In case it is a one-time task, it’s easier and cheaper to use a recruitment agency.

It is important for your recruiter to speak the same language with the applicants. It is also important to be able to think outside the box so that a non-conventional question or phrase from the applicant does not send him reeling. Such kind of misunderstanding might make the interested candidate think that the management is out of touch, and therefore change his mind and decline the job.

Masalaryalery research

Conduct market research in order to find out how much it actually costs to hire your dream candidate. Do not rely on just other companies’ offers. Your aim is to understand the professional level or the required candidate – and if you cannot afford it, maybe it’s better to look for a talented beginner and support his professional growth within the company.

The point is that IT candidates are a very special kind of applicants, dramatically less in number than in sales or marketing, and even few if you need a really great one. That is why their wage expectations are pretty high. You won’t be able to find a web developer with a salary below than average on the market. Well, maybe you will – someone who is still in high school.

So, the market research will help you to understand who exactly you’re looking for and offer a decent salary to a relevant candidate. Your dream candidate might demand more money than you have planned. Well, sometimes it is a potential employee who decides on the amount of wage, not you. So it’s for you to choose whether you want a senior or junior developer to be on your team.

A generous salary is not everything that good developers are seeking, but it is the first step to make them interested in the vacancy. The more special skills you need, the more expensive it’s going to be.

Create an atmosphere of IT company

No matter what your company profile is, you will need to create a new atmosphere. IT Company means flexible hours, comfortable office space, free snacks, lack of dress-code, interesting challenges – that’s what developers are expecting from you. Be prepared to make at least one of your company’s departments to look and feel like an “IT company branch”.

It is necessary to understand your dream candidates’ expectations: attend IT events, read relevant online forums (paying special attention to the comments), consult the experts, check market researches. Spend some time to investigate the really important factors, and you will learn a lot.

Do you know how important the developer’s workplace is? A lot of companies purchase office furniture thinking mostly of design, fitting in, making a nice picture. Well, your IT specialist does not care about the chair’s beauty, price or outstanding design: he needs it to be comfortable so his back wouldn’t hurt, and that’s it, because practically he’s always at his desk working (not at conference room meetings, coffee-breaks with partners or random meetings next to printer). The table’s height, the back of the chair’s height and comfort, the right distance towards the display – that’s what really matters. Consult the experts before organizing the developer’s workplace to make it as comfortable as possible but be prepared to change it upon the request of some picky (and the most valuable) specialist.

 There are some other conditions to be mentioned. Free coffee! Ok, you got it, but make sure the coffee maker is as close to developer’s desk as possible. It would really brighten up his life – well, coffee and some free snacks.

And of course, if there’s a strict dress code in your office, make an exception for your IT specialists. Wearing a tie definitely wouldn’t make them more productive (quite the contrary, actually).

Use the individual approach

You need a personal approach to each candidate. Once again: good developers are on highest demand now and they know it, so be prepared to meet their expectations.

Generally, our office work hours are from 9.30 till 18.00, and this regime is important for everyone who’s dealing with company partners directly – but developers don’t. All their workflow goes via JIRA, where tasks are prioritized and assigned to the specialist.

That’s why if IT specialists prefer to come to work earlier or later than other employees, you’d better be okay with that. When you set the flexible working hours for the IT department, you’d see that a lot of developers often choose to work “off hours”, stay at the office until late and are ready to work from home and on weekends.

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Bringing HR And Marketing Together Through Technology

Bringing HR And Marketing Together Through
Bringing HR And Marketing Together Through
India’s First Location Based Job Search

We can see that in the yester-years, HR and Marketing departments had little to do with each other. Basically, HR department’s role is to focus on new hires and current employees, on the other hand the marketing team concentrates primarily on the consumer side of things. But in today’s world we can see that with the increasing growth of technology and social media, both the departments have been growing increasingly closer to each other and also it turns out that creating a great employer brand involves many of the same techniques as marketing the brands product.

Well many HR professionals consider themselves quite tech savvy, but the true fact is it’s the marketing professionals who tend to know and also have access to the latest technological trends in order to communicate and engage with their customers.,  First Map-Based Job Search Portal through this article tells how exactly is technology bridging the gap between HR and Marketing and what can be done for them to work well hand in hand.

Customers have become potential employees

A lot of brand marketing reflects the culture and values of an organisation in order to create a rounded representation of the company in the eye of both the consumers and also job seekers. If a certain individual has become a loyal customer of the brand, chances are that they have done so because they feel they are familiar with the brands products, can identify with the company culture and share similar principles. Essentially this makes them a good cultural fit for the company, which is crucial for employee engagement and retention.

All you need then are the required skills of course and you’ve found yourself the perfect employee.

Creating an effective employer brand

Most businesses have a strong online presence for marketing purposes; however they can also leverage this presence for talent attraction. The growth of technology has really broadened the reach of an organisation, whether it through the existing company website and social media accounts or by setting up new career focused ones. This has opened up possibilities for employers to source the best candidates available to them and made significant changes to the way that employers communicate with talent.

Building a great employer brand can make a world of difference when it comes to hiring. After all, job seekers are more likely to want to work for an organisation who successfully promotes themselves for supporting their employees and having a constructive, enjoyable work environment, than for a business who offers very little insight into their company culture.

Employees are brand ambassadors

Current employees make the best brand ambassadors, as they can offer a more authentic and trustworthy representation of your organization than that presented through official marketing channels. People will look to a company’s workforce for a more honest and personal insight into a company, not only as a consumer, but also for seeking an insight into what the company is like as an employer.

Social media is the perfect tool for employee advocacy, as a large number of employees will already have an extensive network of friends, followers, and connections, expanding the brand’s reach significantly.

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How To Make Your Employee Training A Huge Success?

How To Make Your Employee Training A Huge Success?
How To Make Your Employee Training A Huge Success?
India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal

As a recruiter you need to take into consideration few important things before you attempt to start training your employees.,  First Map-Based Job Search Portal presents few tips for successful employee training.

Creating a plan

You need to create a plan as it is very important for what your employees want and need to study in order to improve their professional skills. So that the course covers the critical improvements you’re looking to make in your personnel’s knowledge base, it’s essential first to write down what they must know in the first place.

The best way of structuring the curriculum is first to cover the essential information, and only then to advance to more complicated material.

Maintain regularity

If you happen to approach training with regularity, it will ensure much better result from the training programs. This is will also provide you with the possibility of teaching your personnel more advanced material. The potential for career growth is a fantastic incentive that will motivate employees to invest time and effort.

Inviting co-workers to share their experience

It is always a good idea to promote a meaningful exchange of information in order to strengthen the professional bonds. Invite your most versed employees to participate in the training program as mentors in particular parts of it, dedicated to their field of expertise.

Establishing a quantifiable set of goals

The ability to say if it had any effects as a result is an essential aspect of training. This is why a crucial part of a training program is performance testing and measurement.


Making your staff receive high quality training is undoubtedly, the most essential element of any business which is looking forward to accomplish all its set goals and ambitions.

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Ways To Engage When Unemployment Is

Ways To Engage When Unemployment Is
Ways To Engage When Unemployment Is
India’s First Location Based Job Search

What do you mean by low unemployment? It means your sourcing, recruiting and engagement efforts need to be strategic. With more passive candidates in the market, hiring will be rough no matter how you slice it. You could settle for less qualified applicants and struggle to get by without hiring anyone at all or you could follow these four hiring strategies to utilize your employees and recruit more effectively during low unemployment., India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal talks about ways to engage when unemployment is low.

Move Existing Employees First

Internal mobility can be your greatest asset when hiring in a tight market. If you have employees who have been with the company for a number of years, they may be ready to move on to something new. This is especially true if they’ve reaped everything their current position has to offer them. Plus, transitioning them to a new role will help them learn new skills and develop their professional career.

A few takeaways to keep in mind here:

Current employees can best train new employees for the position, even if the “new employee” is just an existing employee being transitioned into a new role.

Current employees already know how the organization and company culture operates

But also keep in mind not everyone is magically fit for a new position just because they performed well at their current one. Just like any screening and selection process, give your internal hiring process the same due diligence you would give new-to-the-company hires.

Write a Good Ad and Loosen Up Credentials

Take a second look at your ads and everywhere they are posted. Ask yourself these questions:

If you were looking for a job, would you apply based on that ad?

When unemployment is low and people have many other job postings to choose from, does yours stand out?

Write an attractive ad copy and turn it into something people would actually want to apply for. This is especially true for ads with credentials that no one has. When HR teams post ads with high credentials, these requirements could come from other departments covering an ideal skill set most people don’t have. Keep your ad copy simple and concise — job posting criteria like this are too complex.

Compensation, Perks, Engagement and Culture

If your company is increasing the compensation to fill a position prior to any interviews, there are many more effective ways to attract quality talent without touching the salary. The salary should fit the range of the position and its duties. Therefore, you should show off other things applicants find attractive.

Flex your benefits like health insurance, dental/vision, retirement, etc. However, if you aren’t listing perks your company culture holds, you should. Company culture can be a huge asset for drawing in candidates. Perks like social work events, a beer fridge, birthday events, growth and volunteer opportunities will help make your job post more attractive and increase the number of applicants you receive.

Nothing attracts employees more than an engaging work culture, but candidates want testimonials of what it’s like to work with your company. Use that. Show off your current employees on your website or redirect links to videos showing what it is like to work there. Since employee engagement increases the rate of employee retention, this can help employees commit to your company for the long-run. Make sure your culture is attractive for applicants to see and apply to.

Your job position should stand out. If it’s not for the position and salary, it’s for the company and culture.

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5 Recruiter Skills That Helps You Hire Suitable Candidate

5 Recruiter Skills That Helps You Hire Suitable
5 Recruiter Skills That Helps You Hire Suitable
India’s First Location Based Job Search

Do you think recruiters will succeed by churning out mindless activities that worked years ago? But what we get to see today is that the industry is hurtling through a period of extreme change and evolution., First Map-Based Job Search Portal discusses about this topic to give clarity upon the necessary recruiting skills.

Well few recruiters or even business owners are focusing on reinventing the skills of their consulting teams. Because that is where the battle will be won or lost. And many are losing that battle, right now. The future of recruitment is where sophisticated technology meets very subtle human interaction skills. Recruiters, who will thrive in the future, will be the ones to hone their skills in both those areas.

1. Firstly all recruiters, veterans or newbie’s, must change their mindset around digital. If you are not a digital native, you must become a digital convert and a digital advocate, because smart use of technology will be a given for great recruiters.

2. You need to become a skilled ‘e-source’ able to find talent electronically. Sure, LinkedIn, but much more than that.

3. Winners in recruitment will take the long-term view on social media. They will invest time and energy in building their personal brand via Twitter and LinkedIn and blogging.

4. Tomorrow’s recruiter will be part of ‘Generation C’.  That will have nothing to do with when you were born. Rather, it will mean you are a natural connector, a networker, a relationship builder, online and offline.

5. In an era of massive talent shortages, which I guarantee you are on their way, every recruiter will need to be a ‘Talent Magnet’. And the best way to achieve that is both old school and unfashionable. Consistent, sincere, and ongoing candidate service. That is the real differentiator.

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Ask These Questions To A Finance Candidate During Interview

Ask These Questions To A Finance Candidate During
India’s First Location Based Job Search
Are you looking for better finance hires? If yes, follow these tips given by, India’s First Map-Based Job Search Portal. 
You’re likely to miss out on valuable insight may be both positive and negative on your finance candidates if your interview process lacks strategic thought. This can lead to make wrong hires and future retainment issues. But variety of questions can help you uncover the passion, cultural fit, work ethic and problem solving abilities of your prospective finance hires.
Here are few questions you should be asking to a finance candidate:

Continue reading “Ask These Questions To A Finance Candidate During Interview”

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