Overused Words That Can Damage Your Resume

Overused Words That Can Damage Your Resume-JobMindz.com
Overused Words That Can Damage Your Resume-JobMindz.com
India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal-JobMindz.com


In the resume words and their meanings play a vital role and in order to get a competitive advantage you need to pay close attention to your word choices. JobMindz.com, First Map-Based Job Search Portal gives you a list of some terms and some creative alternatives which you can implement in your resume.


It’s a known fact that every job seeker is accomplished, or else you would have been certainly fired from every job you’ve ever if you’d never accomplished anything. You can instead try Peak Performer.

Results Driven:

Everyone knows that professional resume starts with Results Driven. The only fact is that in the job search process you won’t want to sound like everyone else; you would want to stand out from the crowd. You can instead write Top-notch, top-flight and performance driven.


This can be considered as another overused phrase. You will definitely, want to communicate how successful you have been so that a new employer will have a good impression. We can look at some alternative wording versus and saying, I’m a success. You can indeed write top-performing, best-in-class and award winning.

Skilled or skilful:

Isn’t this boring? Resumes holding such words look very boring and dull. I can only say that these dull words can be changed creatively if you think of trying. But if you can’t think of anything, you can surely try my recommendations. So, try words like resourceful, talented sharp and progressive.

Problem solver:

Well again it’s a known fact that if you are human, you are a problem solver as it is a part of human nature. But it really doesn’t need to be stated on your resume. Instead of it, you can try words like dynamic, high potential, high impact and quality driven.

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How To Say ‘No’ To A Job Offer Professionally-JobMindz.com

How To Say ‘No’ To A Job Offer Professionally-JobMindz.com

Are you looking for a good job offer? What if you get two amazing job opportunities at just one time? You will certainly have to choose one and decline the other. It can be tough at times as you might feel like damaging your reputation. But you can say ‘No’ in a polite and professional manner showing appreciation from your end for the opportunity. JobMindz.com, India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal guides you in decline a job offering in the most professional way:

  1. Showing your appreciation

You are supposed to express your gratitude for being offered the job role even before giving an answer to the concern person at the company. As after completing several rounds you have earned your position and they have put time and resources in determining you to handle the company’s role and responsibilities. It will be a good way to express your goodwill and friendliness to the company.

  1. You need to be timely

 Your responsibility is to send your response to the company at the earliest. It will be a good gesture to show your respect to the person who has been communicating from the company.  After you express your decision about the offer to the company it will extend the offer to another candidate as soon as possible.

  1. Vague Reasoning

Well it’s not mandatory that you need to give them an excuse about declining the job offer but by refusing so can make you seem deceitful. As a known fact, rejecting a job opportunity can be considered as breaking up with the company. If you provide a simple explanation stating that you have made your mind to go in a different career direction which do not matches with the company’s culture can be very helpful.

  1. Offer to keep in touch

If you extend an offer to keep in touch with the company’s contacts, it will ensure that you have ended things on a good note. It is a good thing to grow your network with people believing in your work and considering you as qualified, basically a good fit for the industry. Such connections might also benefit you and your career.

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Social Media Can Boost Your Career In These Smart Ways

Social Media Can Boost Your Career In These Smart Ways-JobMindz.com
Social Media Can Boost Your Career In These Smart Ways-JobMindz.com
India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal-JobMindz.com
If you thought social media was only for having fun and wasting time, think again. You can do much with social media other than just games and entertainment. Social media have become an invaluable tool, especially when searching for a job, as well as getting a boost in your job skills. It is a convenient way to reach out to a large audience easily.

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Reasons Your Job Application Didn’t Get A Proper Response

Reasons Your Job Application Didn’t Get A Proper Response-JobMindz.com
Reasons Your Job Application Didn’t Get A Proper Response-JobMindz.com
India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal-JobMindz.com

Are you a job-seeker looking for the perfect job opportunity? But your job application is not receiving a proper response as per your expectations. Well many job seekers report similar experiences, with reactions ranging from despair to frustration with employers. Why don’t recruiters take the time to call you back? What can you do to avoid wondering where you stand?

JobMindz.com, First Map-Based Job Search Portal helps you to look at these common reasons letting your job application get rejected.

1) Anticipate facing a massive amount of competition when applying to ads.

Hundreds to thousands of career inquiries pour into employer job portals every week (a phenomenon common since the dawn of the economic meltdown). With this volume, many employers have turned to automatic resume screening systems (also called Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS) to help mitigate the flood. Considering that type of screening could be in place, if the job requires that you have specific qualifications and certifications then get them and list them.

While some systems may provide an “application accepted” message from an employer website, other career sites might lack the sophistication needed to let you know what’s happening with your resume. As a result, you could be left waiting while (or if) your application was routed to the hiring manager.

To avoid the waiting game, always follow up with an actual person to ensure your resume was received. Start by identifying the hiring manager (1-2 levels up from the target position) and send this person a LinkedIn note or email. You can also contact the company’s HR department.

State in your inquiry that you’ve applied through the regular channels, and you’re now following up to ensure your application is under review. You may secure an interview this way, especially in cases where you’re well-qualified and the manager didn’t see your resume come through the system.

If nothing else, following up can help you understand the path your application has travelled – and keep you focused on moving forward with other opportunities.

2) Realize it’s the system, not you.

If your application is rejected, you won’t find out if employers are keeping your resume on file for future openings, or if you’re really not a good fit at that company. Both these scenarios take place on a regular basis.

Even when you follow up with employers, they may not have the staff or technology in place to respond to your query. In addition, there are legal ramifications for companies who issue a “rejected” message, as this can trigger more inquiries or even lawsuits.

Companies sometimes post jobs for which they’ve already identified the prime candidate, and simply collect resumes for pending opportunities.

So, what’s the best strategy? Sometimes you can find out where you stand, and other times, it’s best to move on after following up once or twice. Rather than assuming a negative reaction on the part of employers (and spend your valuable time chasing down a response), you’ll get better results from minimizing online job search in your overall plan.

Networking, participating in trade industry groups, or authoring publications in your field all draw positive attention and demonstrate your brand value to employers, making you as “real” and authentic as possible.

3) Expect recruiters to focus on their clients first.

While skilled candidates are important to recruiters, client employers are the ones who foot the bill – so recruiters spend most of their time chasing down the perfect, unique fit for an open job.

In addition, independent recruiting agencies or boutique recruiters often lack the bandwidth to issue a personal reply to your query (which can be one of dozens per day).

What does this mean for you? Even if your background is fantastic, it still may not match a particular job requirement. Even so, your best move is to stay on a recruiter’s radar (via an occasional call or email) to cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship. Your next opportunity may depend on it.

For more information visit: www.jobmindz.com or give a missed call to 080-68180777.

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Can The Best Candidate Rarely Become The Best Hire?

Can The Best Candidate Rarely Become The Best Hire?-JobMindz.com
India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal-JobMindz.com

In the recruiting process, the companies usually write job descriptions that emphasize skills, experiences and also competencies. This can be labelled as the Basic Wants. The candidates can be seen applying based on these factors or are sourced this way. What we see today is that Artificial Intelligence is used to make this process more efficient. The purpose of this is to make sure the person falls within the salary range and, if so, is interested in pursuing an ill-defined but “awesome” lateral transfer at some company, in some location, with great people and with some title.

JobMindz.com, India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal discusses about this topic which is a very important part of the recruiting process. If the person passes through these hurdles, a one-on-one video or in-person interview is then arranged. If the person is on time, prepared, interested in the job, outgoing, confident, has a good handshake, makes eye contact, can communicate well, and has a professional appearance, he/she is judged as a serious candidate. In this case, the interviewer starts selling the person on the merits of the job and asks leading questions to prove competency. On the other hand, if the person falls short on the first impression factors, he/she is instantly judged as less competent and the interviewer asks questions to prove the emotional and negative assumption.

How reimagining the candidate experience and hiring process can help?

The reason we need to rethink the candidate experience is because companies have an open-door policy regarding who can apply. Since 99% of these people will never get hired, companies have created an unnecessary overhead burden requiring them to proactively ensure these people feel positively about the company. If these people never applied to begin with, it would be easy to be respectful and professional to the other 1%.

It’s much simpler to be respectful at the front door rather than after someone has entered it. For example, why not use your postings to describe some truly great opportunities that require prospects to submit a sample of their work demonstrating their prowess? This will instantly reduce the prospect pool to 2 – 3% of the initial total.

Based on the current scenario, in 3-5 years, Artificial Intelligence will be certainly be able to surface performance of candidates meeting the right criteria and who would see the open job as a true career opportunity. It involves a much more complex set of decision variables considering two buyers-the company and the prospect. But the truth is that nothing will change until companies recognize that filtering on skills, no matter how efficiently it’s done, will surely exclude the best candidates. It turns out to be one of the biggest challenges to bridge this conceptual gap.

For more information visit: www.jobmindz.com or give a missed call to 080-68180777.


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Effective Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Job

Effective Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Job-JobMindz.com
India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal

You might get to hear that perfection is unattainable but still everyone tries to attain it. When it comes to choosing a job every candidate wants to get the perfect job. Well digitalization has definitely, simplified the job search but finding a perfect job is still hard. But not to worry! Hard work, dedication, efforts and patience helps you achieve the perfect job.

JobMindz.com, India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal is here to help you with 5 effective tips for finding the perfect job:

  1. Don’t stop till you find the best: Try until you find the best opportunity. You might come across a number of jobs on the way to find your dream job but do not settle yourself for anything unless you get the perfect one.
  2. Enrich your skills: In order to find the perfect job, your skill can play a vital role. These skills are both the hard skills that are ideal for the job position you are looking for and the soft skills that can set you apart from other candidates. It is important to add your skills in order to get the perfect job.
  3. Ingrain In Industry’s Local Community: By ingraining yourself in your targeted industry’s local community, you get closer to your dream job. This helps in understanding the industry better, networking with people that help you move towards the perfect job. It can be done through various means.
  4. Don’t Be Afraid To Turn Down A Job You Don’t Like: Some people settle down for a good paying job in the quest for finding the perfect job without even realizing that may be the perfect job is just so near. Instead of settling down for a job which doesn’t seem to be ideal, you can turn it down and continue your current job.
  5. Tap On Your Network & Connections: While you search for the perfect job, your network and connections can be a great way in enhancing your search. You need to get in touch with people in your network as they can offer useful advice. You can keep yourself informed about any new job opening and also recommend   you in their organization if they feel your candidature as suitable.

For more information visit: www.jobmindz.com or give a missed call to 080-68180777.


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Are You Doing The Right Job?

Are You Doing The Right Job?-JobMindz.com
India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal

Let me ask you a straightforward question. Are you in the right job? Can you answer it accurately? You will need to answer few questions to yourself in order to get the perfect answer. JobMindz.com, India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal guides you in finding the right answer.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Does your role make best use of your skills, your experience?
  2. Is there room for growth and career development?
  3. Is it challenging but also supportive?
  4. Do you get to do what you do best?
  5. Do you feel you belong?
  6. Are you valued?

Job review during your first job

If you’re just starting your career, it would be little hard. You might have unrealistic expectations. As people are working in a post-industrial world, employees can be seen adding more variables.

  1. Do you enjoy your job?
  2. Does it have a purpose?
  3. Is it meaningful?

One fact is that for thousands of years, work has been viewed as nothing more than a means to an end, a process through which a person can feed, clothe and also shelter themselves and their family. But in the modern workplace, even the most junior employee can be meaningful as long as you have an appreciation of the wider context.

You need to think about how your everyday tasks contribute to the work of the team, how your team supports the department and how your departmental contributes in the overall goals of the company.

If you can’t figure it out, ask your line manager

If a person doesn’t know then he may be more disillusioned than you. Establishing a ‘clear line of sight’, while not necessarily making a dull task should bring a little more satisfaction.

Yes and No list in a job review

One way to find out if you’re in the right job may be to add up all your responses to the questions above. If hopefully, there are more yeses than nos, it’s likely you are in the right job. But if it’s a no then you should look to change things. A true fact is life is too short- and the working week too long – to stay in a role that offers little prospect of fulfilment.

Jobs are of two categories – ones that give you energy or ones that take it away. You need to decide which is important for you adding more value to your life.

For more information visit: www.jobmindz.com or give a missed call to 080-68180777.

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Benefits Of Diversity In The Workplace With JobMindz.com

Benefits Of Diversity In The Workplace With JobMindz.com
India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal

What do you mean by diversity? Factors like age, gender, race, cultural background, etc are the first thing that comes to someone’s mind. But how about diversity at work? There is far more to create a diverse workplace than just simply hiring people who fits into different age brackets or even create the perfect male to female ratio.

We no doubt share things in common with other individuals, at the end of the day; everyone is a different person on their own and can bring a different thing that is the reason why diversity is so important among a team. A range of perspectives and ideas can be created by hiring people with different personalities at various stages of their career.

JobMindz.com, India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal few of the top benefits in the workplace.

  1. Talents, skills and experiences

From diverse backgrounds individuals can be offered a selection of different talents, skills and experiences which may beneficial for the organization and their work performance. Variety of skills and experiences among the team means that employees can learn from each other.

  1.  It creates innovation

When you work with people of different backgrounds, experiences and working styles, creative concepts can be born out from each other offering feedback and suggestions. It is also essential to play on each individual’s strengths and collaborate with others in the team.

  1. It grows your talent pool

It will attract a wide range of candidates to their vacancies as it will be viewed as more progressive organization and will appeal to individuals from all walks of life. As people want to work in an environment that are accepting of all backgrounds and promote equality, it can also help with employee retention.

  1. Improves employee performance

Generally employees feel more comfortable and happy in an environment where inclusivity is a priority. For encouraging workers from all backgrounds to feel confident in their ability and achieve their best, equality in the workplace is important.

For more information visit: www.jobmindz.com or give a missed call to 080-68180777.

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Do’s And Don’ts Of Job Description

Do’s And Don’ts Of Job Description By JobMindz.com
India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal

How effective job descriptions can be in the recruitment process? JobMindz.com, India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal guides you stating the do’s and don’ts of job description. Here are few points to discuss:

Do’s of Job Description

  1. Include competencies

Consistency can be ensured by competencies and also all that required skills and behaviours can be effectively measured in potential employees.

  1. Highlight the ‘must have’ components early

You can start with the most important information such as mandatory education, certifications and skills to quickly interest candidates.

  1. Describe the benefits of your company including its culture, environment and history

Some people aren’t looking for a paycheque, rather they are willing to work for an organization which aligns with their ideals, offers some perks and ultimately provides a fun working environment.

  1. List essential responsibilities and tasks using present tense action verbs

You should avoid action verbs and use precise language to provide candidates with the most accurate requirements in a job description.

Don’ts of Job Description

  1. Include goals

You shouldn’t mention the goals as it changes throughout the year and also depend on operational priorities.

  1. Be unrealistic

You are likely to hire an overqualified candidate who might not remain in your organization by overstating or by listing unreasonable job expectations.

  1. Embellish company culture and the role

If your company has a hard working culture, you need to be honest about it in order to weed out potentially less driven candidates at inception.

  1. Use wasteful descriptions

For many jobs requiring someone to be great communication or team player is very important. Don’t waste language in your job description; evaluate behavioural attributes during the interview stage by using behavioural competencies.

To get more information visit: https://www.jobmindz.com/

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Climb The Career Ladder in 2019 With JobMindz.com

Climb The Career Ladder in 2019 With JobMindz.com
India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal

Everyone is looking to climb the career ladder in 2019, manage work-life balance increasing happiness. JobMindz.com, Best Map Based Recruitment Portal gives you 5 simple ways on how to step ahead in future with some positive changes.

  1. Find a Mentor

You need to take charge of your career track this year by finding a mentor who is willing to share their insights and experience. Their constructive feedback can help you expand your skill set to guide you on career growth and decision making.

  1. Get Involved in Teamwork

You can take on a challenging client project and also pitch internal projects with co-workers. Together teamwork and collaboration increases creativity, help strengthen relationships, create a more positive work environment and boost confidence. Team partnerships also increase productivity at work.

  1. Up skill Yourself

You can increase your value at work by learning a new skill. World Economic Forum Research says that over a third (35%) of skills which are considered important today will change in five years.

  1. Prioritize Mental Health

Today most of the employees are seen experiencing anxiety, depression, or stress. With such a mentality, it is imperative to recognize the signs that your mental health may be under pressure and you will have to de-stress regularly.

  1. Use Vacation Days

You might have save time for a long holiday later in the year, or simply you don’t have enough time for a break, but taking regular holidays throughout the year will help you feel relaxed, refreshed and more productive.

You will have to take charge of your happiness and contribute your best efforts in creating a work environment that can help you excel in this year of 2019.

To know more visit: www.jobmindz.com

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