Is Job Rejection Bothering You? Here Is How To Handle It-JobMindz

           Rejection can bring depression and anxiety making you lose confidence upon yourself. When you were excited about a job position and ended up facing rejection, it might turn your world upside-down. But you can also take this as an opportunity to build up yourself even more stronger to face the challenges in a job search., India’s First Map Based Job Search Portal tells you how to overcome rejection in a job search:

Reflect on the experience

After you hear ‘NO’ in your job interview, learn to take it into a learning opportunity.  You get an exposure to know your mistakes and can work on it for the next interviews. It is a fact that rejection can teach you a lot about your skills and abilities. It is a great chance to learn from your mistakes and move forward in the job hunting process. It can be considered as a chance to judge yourself and bring clarity where you need to learn and how you need to learn. You can take the feedback from your hiring manager very positively.

No bridge burning
It is very difficult to accept rejection by an employer and move on from the experience. But you should stay calm and avoid the hard times you face during rejection for future employment opportunities. It is very easy to get frustrated and give up half the way without trying further. At such tough times you need to stay strong being hopeful to get opportunities to meet your career goals. If a company took time to interview you and included you in their pool of candidates, they saw you as a viable option and could possibly consider you again if the position opens. You could also potentially reach back out to the connections you made for networking purposes.

Fuel the fire
It is very natural to give up and lose focus. But you are not supposed to do it. Let the rejection motivate you even more and help you get better to reach your career goal. Well getting turned down by an opportunity you were excited about is tough no matter what but if you handle it in the right way, it can end up benefiting you in the long run.

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In 2019 What Job-Seekers Should Focus On?-JobMindz

Resume tips by jobMindz

In 2019 What Job-Seekers Should Focus On?-JobMindz

We can see a candidate –driven market all around, still the employers can control the job searching process., India’s Map Based Job Search Portal guides you with 5 tips that help in job hunting:

One Page Resume Is No Longer A Trend

Before reaching the hiring managers and recruiters an applicant tracking system evaluates a resume.  The recruiters will want to know more about you, you need to mention your work accomplishments in your resume which might exceed one-page limit.

Applying for Jobs On The Best Job Posting Sites 

As companies rely on job boards for finding skilled job-seekers. A job-seeker is required to apply for jobs on such job boards which are popular.

Checking Social Media For Job Ads

Recruiters post job ads on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram etc. to target talented candidates.  Candidates should explore job openings in such platforms.

Finding Opportunities In Employer Communities

A company’s career page has a link to its career community. Such communities help to know about the company culture and get your answers to your queries.

Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

A LinkedIn profile created with the right skills and keywords helps recruiters find the right talent. It is advisable to update your LinkedIn profile to help you reach the recruiters.

JobMindz, First Map Based Job Search App helps you get the job of your choice and accomplish your career goals and ambitions.

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Want To Get Placed? Let us have a look how it works

Want to get job
Want To Get Placed? Download Today JobMindz App!! Know How It Works

JobMindz App, India’s First Location Based Job Search App is the perfect location based job search app making the job search easier and faster for the job seekers. 

Let us have a look how it works:

1. Create your profile after registration
You can create your profile by registering with

2. Dashboard created
You get a highly configurable dashboard to provide all the required information at just one platform.

3. Map Based Job Search
Availability of an important feature i.e. location based job search can be experienced by job seekers to get jobs in regard to preferred location.

4. Upload your Video Resume
You can upload your video resume to let employers view your profile and get your desired job opportunity.

5. View jobs
Candidates can view jobs based on location, educational qualification, skills and preferences. 

6. Save jobs
An opportunity of saving jobs is given by our app for your future reference.

7. Recommended jobs
After getting a note of your profile and preferences our advanced job search feature recommends you jobs of your choice.

8. Job Alerts & Notifications
Regular alerts in the form of notifications will be provided to you to keep yourself updated about the current job openings and get the perfect job offer.

9. Advanced Smart Job Search
Candidates can smartly and easily drill down to the exact type of jobs they are interested in by simply selecting the filter option. 

10. Social Media Sharing
You can share job ads on the social media platform to allow your friends and concern people view the job opportunities.

A job-seeker can build his career with just one single click and find his dream job with, Best Map Based Recruitment Portal.

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Let’s Find Out The 10 Golden Rules Of Working With A recruiter-JobMindz

Let’s Find Out The 10 Golden Rules Of Working With A recruiter-JobMindz

       Don’t you think working with a good recruiter is an excellent option for both passive and active job-seekers? It is a fact that recruiters have access to jobs, market information, insights, tips and connections that many people do not have. If you haven’t worked with a recruiter before then there are few ways to get the most out of the experience. comes up with 10 golden rules for job-seekers on how to work with a recruiter after one gets the desired job opportunity:

  1. Be honest: It is very important to be honest from start to finish with your recruiter on what you’re looking for, e.g. your salary needs and other opportunities. A good recruiter will surely return the favour. It is a clear fact that neither party will benefit from dishonesty during the job-search.
  2. Be responsive: You should be very responsive. If your recruiter calls you, call them back! If your recruiter contacts you, it’s usually for good reason. It may be for job offer, updates, or a new position that needs to be filled at the earliest. A job-seeker shall be available and responsive throughout the time working with a recruiter.
  3. Be courteous: As recruiters can be seen working for their clients but they also help you in your job search. Try to respect their time and communicate when you have updates or questions. As they are already loaded with lots of responsibilities so, they do not have time to give suggestion on your resume or where to look for positions. However, a good recruiter will coach you on their client’s process and be an advocate for you.
  4. Be proactive: An important thing to keep in mind that just because you met with a recruiter doesn’t mean you sit back and stop your job search. If you’re unemployed and need a job at the earliest, you should continue to work on your job hunt and don’t rely 100% on recruiters.
  5. Be available: Recruiting can be termed as a very sensitive industry. A client could call and ask to interview you that day. While this isn’t always possible, if you’re serious about your job search, try and be accommodating and available to ease the process.
  6. Stay in touch: If you perhaps took a 3 month contract job, make sure near the end of the contract you let your recruiter know what you’re looking to do and they can keep you in mind for future positions. As recruiters work with hundreds of candidates at a time and won’t always know when you’re available as stay in touch.
  7. Be ethical: If you happen to sign an agreement with a particular recruiter, make sure that you understand the agreement and ask any questions you might have in your mind.
  8. Be decisive: Before an offer comes, be prepared to accept and decline it. One of the most detrimental things you can do to your opportunities is waiting to make a decision. The client may get offended at waiting or another candidate may join the process and your offer will expire.
  9. Be prepared: You should be prepared with your best resume, practice your interview skills and what you’re looking for before you even start connecting with recruiters.  The more prepared you are, the faster a recruiter can get you in process for open positions.
  10. Be open: Your recruiter might share opportunities you hadn’t initially pictured yourself interested in. Perhaps you were thinking large corporate but an awesome opportunity that fit your background opened at a small firm. Be open to new opportunities so that your recruiter will not rule you out before you even get to hear about the role.

So, ready to put these rules to the test? Connect with recruiters and get multiple job opportunities of your choice by downloading today JobMindz App, India’s First Location Based Job Search App.

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Do You Really Need A Cover Letter?-JobMindz

Do You Really Need A Cover Letter?-JobMindz

It’s a question you must be asking yourself. Do you really need a cover letter to crack a job-interview? Is it important to create a cover letter between informational interviews, applying jobs and keeping your life in order? We can see that job hunting is a tremendously time-consuming task and if the process is streamlined in any way, often times the cover letter is nixed and job seekers simply submit a resume. This is a tough question to answer considering that many employers may not explicitly require you to submit a cover letter with your application. JobMindz is here to guide you with the required knowledge which will be helpful in your job hunting.

Well the simple answer to this question is YES. If you’re serious about presenting yourself in the most professional way in order to get your aspired job, you should include a customized cover letter with your each job application. Why? Cover letters, as frivolous as they may seem to some, are a great snapshot and summary for employers. If you craft a clear, concise and informative letter, it can help employers not only evaluate your skills but your communication, goals and objectives for your career.

Are you convinced? If not! Here we have few reasons that might convince you to write a cover letter:

  1. A cover letter gives you the chance to include more information that adds value to what’s on your resume. With a cover letter you get the opportunity to reveal more about your background, passions and skills to an employer that might not be there in your resume.
  2. Basically when you customize each cover letter to the specific job which you’re applying for, hiring managers can clearly view the skills you’ve highlighted and the career goals you’ve expressed in the letter match with what type of candidate they are seeking.
  3. A resume is just a list of accomplishments, skills and responsibilities. But it’s not incredibly exciting. With a cover letter you can exhibit your passion about your industry or this job in particular.
  4. As recruiters view high volume of candidates every day, when they read a well-written and clear cover letter, they tend to remember more about the candidate.

It’s an easy step to omit from the job hunting process, but in the end it benefits a job-seeker to craft an outstanding cover letter. In the job search process, a hiring manager will never have a negative perspective for a cover letter but they may not appreciate simply receiving a resume. Not sure how to write the proper cover letter for your next job application? Take out some time and craft an amazing cover letter and get started.

Download today JobMindz App, India’s First Location Based Job Search App and get Your DREAM Job!

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