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Have you witnessed that remote working among the employed is the fastest growing employment sector. Today we find that companies are realizing the benefits of letting their staff work from home and recruiting around the globe. Do you want to know why they are making that choice?, Indias First Loaction Based Job Search Portal presents you five benefits of remote working:

  1. Talent

You can find the right person within commuting distance from your offices based on regular recruiting. Failing that you need to choose from a pool of candidates who are willing to move for the role. But when you hire remotely, your talent pool becomes the entire world.

  1. Productivity

A study says that remote workers are more productive. Remote staff is seen happier and healthier as they have a better life-work balance. Staffs who work from home tend to be more self-reliant as a result when they’re faced with a problem they find a workaround quickly.

  1. Retention

Generally working from home is seen as a huge bonus for employees. If you get a role that let you work from home full or part-time, then they’re less likely to look for some other option. You’re less likely to lose a remote worker, especially if your competition doesn’t let staff work from home.

  1. Cost-Savings

In number of ways hiring remotely saves a recruiter’s money. You’re less likely to need to pay to replace remote staff. But when your candidate pool is the globe, you can hire from countries where the salary costs are lower.

  1. Diversity

When you hire remotely, you tend to get more diverse staff. You actually give yourself access to people who need to work from home due to certain circumstances. It is always good to have a diverse staff as it is good for business.

Basically there are many reasons to hire remotely. But again remote hiring isn’t for everyone, if you like to micromanage your staff then you won’t enjoy the experience.

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