Ask These Questions To A Finance Candidate During Interview

Ask These Questions To A Finance Candidate During
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You’re likely to miss out on valuable insight may be both positive and negative on your finance candidates if your interview process lacks strategic thought. This can lead to make wrong hires and future retainment issues. But variety of questions can help you uncover the passion, cultural fit, work ethic and problem solving abilities of your prospective finance hires.
Here are few questions you should be asking to a finance candidate:

1. What motivates you?
This is your chance to detect what drives your finance candidates. Dig further to find out whether it’s about the money or the finance industry itself. Keep in mind, the desire to make money doesn’t necessarily equate to a sufficient drive to succeed or real passion for the business. It often comes with limitations.

2. What is your greatest achievement?
For some finance candidates, the answer may be related to a specific project they undertook or an award they received. If they don’t share insightful details about why they feel this was their greatest achievement, be sure to question further. Ask yourself: Is this relevant to the role they’re interviewing for?

3. What can you bring to this role that you’re certain other applicants can’t?
Get to the bottom of why this finance candidate truly deserves your attention. It could be their precise role-related experience, achievements within the industry, or even their unique personality. This question is also important for testing your candidate’s level of confidence — is it too much or just right?

4. What hurdles or obstacles have you overcome?
Posing this question will help you key into your finance candidate’s ability to overcome adversity or challenges throughout their career. If you’re particularly interested in a piece of information on their resume, like a layoff, ask them directly about how they overcame that situation.

5. What would previous co-workers and managers say about you?
Zeroing in on how others perceive your interviewee is essential to find out whether they’re a match for the position and your company as a whole. Jot down what your candidate shares with you and follow-up with their references to see if the descriptions match.

6. Where do you see yourself in five years?
It’s important to understand whether your finance candidate’s career path is aligned with the position to which they are applying. Bringing on a candidate who’s just looking for a “here and now” type of position won’t do you any favours in terms of a long-term hire. Watch out for cookie cutter answers that end up sounding more like wishful thinking than actual long-term plans.

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