As A Recruiter You Can Encourage Your Career Progression

As A Recruiter You Can Encourage Your Career Progression
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One of the most popular questions we get to hear from candidates is ‘are there career progression opportunities?’ We know why- everyone says that progression is one of their top priorities. So, basically businesses that lack clear development paths are at risk of losing talent to their competitors. Therefore, recruiters should educate clients on the importance of framing a culture comprising development and learning., India’s First Location Based Job Search Portal shows ways to do so.

Re-work job specs

The job spec is the first interaction a candidate will have with the company, so it’s important to make the career progression opportunities clear on this. Discuss with your client where this role could lead to in the business and make sure to mention any potential pathways in any job advertisements. If there is scope for on-the-job training or qualifications (for example, a CIPD for an HR position), it’s essential to make this clear. Remaining transparent about where a candidate could go encourages buy-in and will attract a wider applicant pool.

Emphasize projects

To develop skills in a particular area, projects are a great way for employees. This also gives them a scope to look beyond their job spec, liaise with colleagues they normally wouldn’t and perhaps, engage a passion that they otherwise couldn’t. Being a recruiter, it’s your responsibility to advice on the best way to integrate it into a role. Let us look into an example, a start-up might know they require admin support but aren’t sure what that looks like. In such situation you can suggest a PA with scope for HR or office management projects.

Don’t be afraid of jumpy CVs

Millennial can be seen showing the desire for career progression and as a result they are doing it quickly, in fact more than any previous generation. They can be seen being proactive and always looking for the next challenge, asking you ‘what is the next step, what I can do now? It’s very important to educate clients by the recruiters so that they can carry things being very enthusiastic. Recruiters also should educate the clients on jumpy CVs in most cases; a candidate changes role every 18 months isn’t a negative reflection on their professional experience, but demonstrative of their rate of learning.

Thinking outside the box

Career progression cannot be considered as a promotion. If a client can be seen struggling to hold onto a good talent, why not collaborate with them to see if there are other ways to encourage engagement? This also includes opportunities to join committees, organize social events or participate in training programmes.

If recruiters and clients collaborate through wider workplace practice, their relationships can be developed and also value can be provided.

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