Artificial Intelligence And Resume Screening

Artificial Intelligence and resume screening

                         One of the tiresome tasks in the recruitment process is resume screening and finding the right candidate for the job position. We can see that for decades it has been a manual process. But not anymore!! Now Artificial Intelligence (AI) has automated the process with higher accuracy challenging the traditional approach. Today in just fraction of seconds with AI it is now possible to screen thousands of professionals easily without much hindrance.

The Global Survey says, 63% of talented professionals believe that AI has successfully, changed the recruiting process in organization. Some of the AI tools include ATS with resume parser which helps in screening resumes efficiently and also at the earliest. Some of the details including contact details, skills, educational qualification and work experience which are stored in ATS/ CRM can be extracted by resume parsers., India’s First Map Based Job Search Portal shows the advantages of using Artificial Intelligence tools for resume screening.

Advantages of AI for Resume Screening
Let us have a look at the advantages of Artificial Intelligence for resume screening:

Saving recruiters time:
In about few seconds, a resume parsing software can screen numerous resumes saving most of recruiter’s time. It basically, extracts candidate information from resumes and also stores into segregated fields. These details can be used to rate candidates to get the most potential candidates by ATS.

Finding the best candidate: 
It can be seen sometimes that the resumes which the recruiters process turn out to be irrelevant. As a result they can be seen ending up a lot of time engaging irrelevant candidates. The AI tools can be seen eliminating such unwanted irrelevancy by making accurate resume screening. The potential candidates for job openings can be interviewed easily.

Reducing unconscious bias:
It’s a known fact that humans tend to have an unconscious bias towards various things and recruitment is not an exception. Hiring professionals select candidates based on the candidate’s name, gender, demographic details and lots more which leads to unconscious bias. The AI tools are actually, programmed to eliminate such biases letting the deserving candidates grab the job opportunities.

In today’s world the talent market is very competitive and it is necessary to reach prospective candidates faster helping them get their deserving roles and responsibilities. As there are a huge number of job applicants, organizations require AI tools for resume screening to identify qualified candidate at the earliest.

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