Are You Choosing The Right Candidate?

              Did you ever know that one of the most important business process and procedures for success also has a 50% failure rate? Well we are not talking about the stock market or buying real estate, think more about human capital.
Yes, we are talking about recruitment as it is the single greatest risk point of any major corporation. You’ll find that in today’s modern hiring culture employers are finding that the modern pool of candidates requires more than a steady pay check and guarantee of benefits to ensure success. Poor hiring leads to unwanted expenses and wastage of time which is one of the largest concerns for, India’s First Map Based Job Search Portal says that it is important not just for organizations to keep and maintain strong hires for immediate growth but also for their long term future growth. The important part is the companies can take many steps in improving both their decision making and overall retention rate. The best way to handle such situations can be by taking preventive measures for your company. Here are few tips which can be utilized to eliminate such risk saving your company from such hires:
Interview Process
 In the interview room all the hiring decisions begin. Employers should ask the right questions for the individual role at hand. You shouldn’t solely focus on candidate’s resume and experience ignoring their real potential flaws and character. Insightful questions shall be asked to the candidates to understand the real potential helping you make the right decision.
Integrating New Hires
 The typical onboarding model has focused on the 30-60-90 day model of candidate integration for the past years. When an issue arises or during their annual review process after the initial probation period, new employees will often only have contact with their managers or supervisors. In order to ensure successful integration, be sure to be a company culture where supervisors check-in often to help gauge the status of new employees. You’ll have to understand the full scope of daily business activities and short and long term goals.
Be Proactive
 One frequently occurring problem is the failure to troubleshoot issues in a candidate’s performance. At times new employees can have learning curves or may be used to their prior company’s method of doing business. If you address any issues in a proactive manner it cannot only avoid disruptions but it will also allow you to retain quality candidates who may need minor guidance.Best Map Based Recruitment Portal, suggests that careful screening of candidates together with a successful onboarding and training program will help up the percentage of success for retaining new hires.
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