5 Recruiter Skills That Helps You Hire Suitable Candidate

5 Recruiter Skills That Helps You Hire Suitable Candidate-JobMindz.com
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Do you think recruiters will succeed by churning out mindless activities that worked years ago? But what we get to see today is that the industry is hurtling through a period of extreme change and evolution. JobMindz.com, First Map-Based Job Search Portal discusses about this topic to give clarity upon the necessary recruiting skills.

Well few recruiters or even business owners are focusing on reinventing the skills of their consulting teams. Because that is where the battle will be won or lost. And many are losing that battle, right now. The future of recruitment is where sophisticated technology meets very subtle human interaction skills. Recruiters, who will thrive in the future, will be the ones to hone their skills in both those areas.

1. Firstly all recruiters, veterans or newbie’s, must change their mindset around digital. If you are not a digital native, you must become a digital convert and a digital advocate, because smart use of technology will be a given for great recruiters.

2. You need to become a skilled ‘e-source’ able to find talent electronically. Sure, LinkedIn, but much more than that.

3. Winners in recruitment will take the long-term view on social media. They will invest time and energy in building their personal brand via Twitter and LinkedIn and blogging.

4. Tomorrow’s recruiter will be part of ‘Generation C’.  That will have nothing to do with when you were born. Rather, it will mean you are a natural connector, a networker, a relationship builder, online and offline.

5. In an era of massive talent shortages, which I guarantee you are on their way, every recruiter will need to be a ‘Talent Magnet’. And the best way to achieve that is both old school and unfashionable. Consistent, sincere, and ongoing candidate service. That is the real differentiator.

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